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happening. event photography

If you're seeking to capture the essence and atmosphere of your event, you've come to the right place. 
I feel happy when I can make a conference look like a casual gathering, a corporate event like a meeting 
of friends and a groups of individuals as if they were characters in a cherished family album.

It´s important for me to stay back, allowing people to feel relaxed and free to shine. 
Many say they didn’t even notice me when I took their picture. This is when I feel like I’ve succeeded.

To date, I covered happenings like conferences, workshops, corporate events, network events, trade shows, 
team building events and seminars for companies like Ableton, H&M, Carhartt, Lufthansa, Zeiss, Nabu,
Subway, Bitkom, Catrice Cosmetics, XJazz, Deutscher Filmpreis, Indie Magazine,  DappCon, GitHub, ifex,  
Wild & Wiese, DGB, CeeCee, BMW
and many more...
If you like what you see here get in touch and let’s see what we can create together hello@happening.photography

Interested in seeing more of my work? You can also find me here